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Details of Staff at Maharishi Vidya Mandir School Pithoragarh

At Maharishi Vidya Mandir, Pithoragarh teachers are well-qualified, trained, experienced and motivated teaching staff is the key to quality education. The capacity of our encouraging staff empowers each youngster to procure scholarly aptitudes and build up a systematic way to deal with critical thinking. We keep the less number of understudies in each class to guarantee singular consideration and close supervision. The connection among educators and understudies does not end with the class. Other than consistent guardians and instructors gatherings, the educators stay in contact with the guardians and make a superior comprehension among all. It gives another profundity to the instructor understudy parent relationship.

MVM Pithoragarh Pincipal   Miss.  Pithoragarh   
Principal of MVM, Pithoragarh

Number of Teaching Staff

Designation Total No.
Head Clerk 1
U.D.C. 1
Principal 1
Librarian 1
P.G.T. 3
P.T.T./P.R.T. 6
T.G.T. 7
P.R.T. 11

List of Staff
S.No. Name Designation Qualification
1  Miss. Pithoragarh   Principal
2  Mrs. Kamla  Bohra P.G.T. M.A , M.Ed
3  Mrs. Mandodari  Bhandari P.G.T. M.A , B.Ed
4  Mr. Mahesh Chandra Tiwari T.G.T. M.Sc, B.Ed
5  Mr. Rupin  Shahi P.G.T. M.Sc (CS)
6  Mrs. Pratibha  Shukla T.G.T. M.A , B.Ed
7  Mr. Jag Jyoti Joshi T.G.T. M.A , B.Ed
8  Mr. Deepak  Singh T.G.T. M.A , B.Ed
9  Mrs. Prema  Tiwari T.G.T. M.Sc , B.Ed
10  Mrs. Anita  Joshi T.G.T. M.Sc , B.Ed
11  Mr. Prem Singh Bhandari T.G.T. M.A , B.P.Ed
12  Mrs. Deepa  Sah P.R.T. M.A
13  Mrs. Jyoti  Loshali P.R.T. M.A , B.Ed
14  Mrs. Beena  Bisht P.R.T. M.A , B.Ed
15  Miss Nirmala  Patiyal P.R.T. M.A , B.Ed
16  Mr. Subhash Chandra Patni P.R.T. B.A , BEd
17  Mr. Chandra Singh Bisht P.R.T. M.A , Dip in ART
18  Mrs. Babita  Bhandari P.R.T. B.A , B.Ed
19  Mr. Lalit Mohan Joshi P.R.T. M.A , Dip In Music
20  Miss Meena  Sah P.R.T. M.Sc , B.Ed
21  Mrs. Manjula  Mahara P.R.T. M.A , N.T.T.
22  Miss Shweta  Kharayat P.R.T. B.Sc , B.Ed
23  Mrs. Deepa  Joshi P.T.T./P.R.T. M.A , B.Ed
24  Mrs. Babita  Rai P.T.T./P.R.T. M.A , B.Ed
25  Mrs. Kusum  Kharayat P.T.T./P.R.T. B.Sc , B.Ed
26  Mrs. Pratibha  Pant P.T.T./P.R.T. M.A , B.Ed
27  Miss Kamla  Sawant P.T.T./P.R.T. M.Sc , B.Ed
28  Mrs. Pushpa  Joshi P.T.T./P.R.T. B.A, N.T.T
29  Mrs. Pushpa  Bhandari Librarian M.L.I.S
30  Mr. Jitendra  Singh LAB. ASSTT. B.Sc
31  Mr. Mohan  Singh HEAD CLAERK M.Com
32  Mr. Govind Prasad Verma Head Clerk M.A
33  Mr. Rajendra Singh Bisht U.D.C. B.Com

Details of salary being paid by the school to teaching staff/non teaching staff (to be updated time to time) as per CBSE norms, VIth pay commission.

Mode of payment of salary

Mode of payment of salary Salary is drawn through S.B.I.A.D.B Gonda by single cheque transfer for the permanent staff and individual cheque for the part time staff.

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